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Beginning of an art blogger

I have decided after a long, long time over much contemplation to start blogging on my life as an artist, a yoga believer and one who believes that we can educate children and adults alike to have an awareness of a healthy lifestyle that combines a good dose of art, yoga and happiness altogether.

I was very lucky when a dear friend recommended me to teach yoga and meditation which gave me a chance to show people that yoga is a good way to keep oneself healthy and stay supple no matter your age.

Abis sekian lama merenungkan idenya, saya akhirnya mengambil keputusan utk start my blog sebagai seniman dan an avid yoga believer yang percaya dimana kita sebagai manusia bisa saling membantu dengan mengarahkan dan membangunkan awareness orang2 disekitar kita dengan cara yang menyenangkan yaitu menggabungkan art dan yoga and especially happiness!


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