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Private art therapy session @ studio

An afternoon session with a young adult who was thought and diagnosed to be autistic. However from what I see, this is more a case of a lost person who seems to have lost his own demise and self confidence at how to deal with society. People tend to easily diagnosed people with different autism categories ranging from light to heavy but if we delve deepr into each soul we come across, there are many layers that hides them from surfacing.

Sesi art terapi dengan anak laki muda yang baru menjadi dewasa. Walaupun didiagnosa dengan kebutuhan spesial atau tepatynya autis...saya nga lihat ciri2 orang autis...yang ak lihat lbh kepada karakter yang dibentuk dr lingkungan sehingga dia kayak tdk pny self confidence dan cara bersosialisasi...tentunya pasti ada sebab....mau nga mau harus lebih banyak counseling agar mau terbuka dan self healing dengan cara dia dan dengan waktunya yang dibutuhkan karena semua ini tdk bisa dipaksakan

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