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art therapy session for a small boy

A young boy was recommended to try an art therapy session because his parents were worried about his behaviour and how to deal with his special ability to see 'things'. I believe we had a great time discovering more or less why he behaves the way he did and what is the best solution in times like this to help ease the tension for I can imagine it isn't easy for his parents to deal his such a special boy. Through art therapy, I believe it has helped his parents to see his inner emotional angst and conflicts he faces that very often, a child is unable to express his emotions well thus disrupting his normal day to day life.

Seorang anak kecil yang direkomendasi untuk sesi art terapi karena orangtuanya sangat khawatir mengenai perilakunya dan kemampuannya untuk 'melihat'. Yang sudah pasti kita enjoy sesinya dan akhirnya orangtuanya lebih mengerti anaknya lebih dalam dan ini akan sangat membantu meringankan ketegangan yang dialami selama ini. Dengan art terapi, saya yakin analisa mengenai lukisan anaknya juga membantu orangtuanya melihat dari sisi anaknya apa yang dia alami selama ini yang seringkali tidak bisa diungkapkan karena anaknya sendiri tidak mengenali akar masalahnya.

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