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Art therapy session at the studio

Some friends came to have an art therapy session to discover about themselves and in part about her son who is about to enter university. I would assume both mom and son are worried and hoped that by doing an art session, this help easen the worries and jitters they are both going through at an important time of his life. Each had a private chat time to help them discover and analyse their worries and what is causing all their stress.

Teman dan anaknya yang baru mau kuliah masuk universitas datang kestudio untuk sesi art terapi agar bisa menganalisa krisis emosinal yang mereka mengalami diluar konteks stress meghadapi masuk kehidupan baru- jauh dari orangtua dan kuliah...sesuatu yang menyenangkan dan sekaligus menegangkan...semoga sesi art terapinya bisa membantu masing2 melepaskan stress dan let go apa yang mengganggu jiwa batinnya


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