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Projects & Workshops

Workshops and activities in schools:


Regular art activity classes at High Scope Bintaro teaching children art using many recycled items we have collected. Our art pedagogy is based on our understanding that every individual child must learn to improve one's left and right brain effectively through art.

--One time art activitity held for kindergarten students at a local Jakarta preschool

Private decors and corporate projects:


Paper fans with the traditonal Indonesia ladies' costume the "Kebaya" for the commemoration of the "Ibu Kartini Day" 2016 gala in Jakarta.


-Paper fans for a ladies gala to commemorate "Ibu Kartini 2016"

Charity projects

 Together with Sekar Nusa, we made 1000 "Ondel2" masks representing the Betawi culture for a traditional dance to raise an awareness and love for the local Indonesian culture and working in collaboration with many public schools and children dance studios.


 -art activity for Setu Babakan 1000 Anak Menari in April 2016








Art therapy workshops


Art therapy workshop used at the Surya University in BSD, Tangerang in collaboration with an English Public Speaking class to motivate these students to understand the 3 pillars of public speaking and using art therapy to raise a deeper awareness of their emotions and to put it into a logic form through the left brain


- art therapy session at the Surya University (4th semester students) 2016


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