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Art has always been my passion; to educate and give others a chance to look at art from a totally different perspective is an exciting journey in itself. I believe that art lies everywhere within and surrounding us and it has all to do with everything we do in life, be it studies, work or even a spiritual journey. It is a combination of all subjects merged together and it gives me great pleasure to be able to share these thoughts to students and adults alike in hope to change their way of seeing things around them with a whole new concept. It helps an individual to think out of the box and to perceive what the eye sometimes cannot see. Through art one is able to express from the deep recesses of the emotions....

Art Nouveau Interactive Studio 

Art Nouveau was established since 2002 and has grown from a teaching studio to undertaking myriads of art based projects. The diversity of our projects encompass many fields in the art world that has allowed us to expand our talents and creativity in different facets. Through our love for art, we believe it has become our form of self-expression in nurturing our creativity and allowing the freedom of the soul to speak itself. The diversity of our creative juices flow in many directions ranging from teaching in schools, art workshops, charity projects, decors for private clientele, office projects and art therapy workshops.






I started the Art Therapy session purely out of curiosity and a way of relieving stress. At first I was concerned that I was not creative enough and wasn't sure what to 'paint'. Lisa was very patient and assured me that I should just follow what I feel was 'right' for me. 


Each session is unique and has helped me to open up my mind and look deeper within myself. Lisa was able to guide me through the process with her indepth knowledge and understanding. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, patience and sincerity are definitely a huge plus point as I felt safe and uplifted each session.


The sessions have allowed me to work through various important issues in my life and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a unique experience on self discovery and healing journey! No artistic skills required!


- Shirly Oh, Ashtanga Yoga            teacher


Initiator & Establisher

Lisa Tanti

Having pursued her education in Environmental Design and Fashion Design, Lisa decided to open an art studio in hope to create a  public awareness on the importance of arts in creating a well balanced character. It is through teaching art that she hopes to introduce its many aspects and how it can helped shape a child or an individual to become more creative in a fun loving atmosphere. Having a vast amount of cxperience in many areas of art, opening an art studio was her solution to reach out to people and hopefully change their paradigm what true art is all about.

Co Founder

Ciska Indriyati


A mother of 2, she decided to quit the corporate world and through her love for arts and crafts, took up quilling and pergamano. Ciska joined Art Nouveau a year after the studio was set up and is one of the owners. Together with Lisa, both have expanded their wings from teaching to a myriad of art related projects, growing in various ways while enriching their knowledge in many art forms


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